The Process



Obtain Credit Reports
You will be required to provide us with your credit report from all three credit bureaus: Equifax, Transunion and Experian. We prefer you use to pull all three of your credit reports because it is user friendly and has a $1 trial.The site also offers many additional benefits to their members. If for some reason you do not like Privacy Guard, other viable alternatives are Identity IQ and Credit Check Total.



Identify Issues
We provide you with an in-depth credit analysis of your credit report to identify any questionable or unverified information which may be adversely affecting your credit. We then look at the various factors pulling your credit score down and provide you with actionable steps to raise your credit score. Additionally, we provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to rebuild and responsibly maintain your credit.



Perform Audit
We perform an FCRA Compliance Audit to determine if the credit bureaus and data furnishers are reporting in compliance with the law. If they are not (which we find VERY often), we develop a plan to begin challenging the questionable information with the credit bureau, creditor, and collector.



Challenge Inaccurate Items
Once we have a strategy in place, we begin disputing inaccurate items through our proprietary compliance support process. The Bureaus are allowed 30-40 days by law to respond to the dispute. You can also track your progress 24/7 using our online customer portal. Once the updated credit reports come back, we will analyze for any changes. If there are changes, we update your file and then move on to the next. If the item comes back verified with no change, we follow up with the credit bureaus or the furnisher to try and get a resolution on why the inaccurate information is still on the credit report.



Weekly Education
During your journey, you will be educated weekly on all aspects of raising your credit scores, debt settlements, and rebuilding credit. This education will be presented to you in the form of emails, text messages, and voice broadcasts. You can also log into your private online portal to learn more about other products available such as credit monitoring, legal assistance, and cards for rebuilding credit. We stay focused on credit compliance from start to finish. Our goal is to help our clients with credit challenges not only restore their credit but learn how to use credit responsibly.